SuperFrames and Stands

The SuperFrame sign mounting system is designed to protect your sign investment while proudly displaying your interpretive, map and information signs.


  • Easy mounting – comes assembled with all hardware and instructions
  • Weather Resistant – UV Protection, moisture venting, cannot rust
  • Tough – Rugged aluminum frame, impact-resistant polycarbonate screen
  • Vandal Resistant – No visible hardware, theft-resistant, tough
  • Proven – Protecting signs for over 20 years in some of British Columbia’s harshest environments

SuperFrames and BC Parks

This is the original SuperFrame, used throughout BC Parks. It is the frame-of-choice for use in British Columbia’s harshest environments and is 100% BC Parks’ standards-compliant.

Sign Stands

We produce a variety of sign stands in aluminum or steel. They can be powder coated in a variety of colours. If we’re making stands for BC Parks, we know what to do… we’ll use the right colours and the right materials to be standards-compliant.